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Danny Glover Remix (with lyrics) - Nicki Minaj

Vocal: Nicki Minaj
i got somethin' for u looking ass niggas
week and a half, i'ma be in that ass
pause, it's like i'm working on an album and a mixtape at the same motherfuckin' time

every time i come out i ain't never with no new bitches
these bitches r stealing i'ma sue bitches
dripping down his dick this pussy's too vicious
every time i fuck him i say "who's is it?"

who da fuq told them that they was like nicki, oh no bitches didn't
ima give bitches a minute of shine then i'll tell u good riddens
to raise a child, it might take a village
but i would't know cuz these bitches my sons yea they was and they still is

gave him da kitten, now dat nigga smitten
told him to hop in my foreign & then i said no i'm just kiddin
hell of a livin, u bitches on chitlins
wen i come out of my mansion i sprinkle sum bread to the pigeons

bitches is lyin they lyin they lyin they lie in they bio
so i ain't fuckin wit chickens unless i got pico de gallo
girls is plottin, wut more could they steal?
tell justin timberlake that i am comin for jessica biel

bitch i'm a starra, u niggaz, i holla tomarra
doors go up cuz i am too rich to cop a gallardo
no regular doors, on aventadors
painted it pink just so i could take pictures while u rented urs

hell of a ticket, hell of a price
i want it, i get it, i wire da money & i never think twice
i am not gay, but let's be precise
cuz if she pretty, then watch it cuz i might be fuckin ya wife
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