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Direct Ishq (Movie Songs)

Direct Ishq  is an action packed romantic comedy, set in the holy city of Banaras. The plot features Vicky, a rough and aggressive local boy from Banaras and Kabeer a rich, Mumbai-based event organiser born in Banaras, both falling for a bubbly, mischievous, yet wise Banaras girl, Dolly.Who will win Dolly’s heart? The local boy who carries a revolver and is always ready for a fight? Or the smart, rich Mumbai lad who promises to help Dolly with her singing career?
  • Direct Ishq (Title Song)
  • Duwa Mein 
  • Ganga Maiya 
  • Mera Kissa 
  • Nimboo Saa Ishq 
  • Toote Tare
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