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Singh Is Kinng feat. Snoop Dogg - Singh Is Kinng

VocalSnoop Dogg, RDB, Akshay Kumar,, Artist: Akshay Kumar
[Verse 1] : (Snoop Dogg)
 Yo, what up this is big snoop dog,
 Represent tht Punjabi,
 Aye yo, Hit'em with this..
 RDB, DPGC, Akshay and Snoop D-O double G..G
 Oh yeah, singh is king, this is the thing,
 Did yo know what I mean? Follow me,
 Listen to me for a second, check it
 Singh is the king...check the records

 Yaari hain jaan enna di, vakhari hain shaan enna di,
 Hasna pehchaan enna di, tahiyon aye duniya kehndi,
 Yaari hai jaan enna di, vakhri hai shaan enna di,
 Hasna pehchaan enna di, sab milke kendhe ne..

 Singh is king, singh is king,
 Singh is king, hun har koi jaane...
 Singh is king, singh is king,
 Singh is king, duniya de raaje...
 [Repeat 2x]

[Verse 2] : (Snoop Dogg)
 Ferrari's, buggati's and maserati's,
 Snoop D-O double G, the life of the party
 Lay back, stay back,
 I'm in the maybach,
 This ain't James Brown,
 But it's the big payback,
 Watch me zoom by,
 Make it boom by,
 Wat up to all the ladies hangin out in Mumbai,
 Cheese make dollars,
 East-West masala,
 singh is the king,
 so you all have to follow...

[Hook] : (Snoop Dogg)
 Wat up, wat up, wat up
 I'm tryna stack my bottle, Wat up, wat up,
 I'm tryna stack my bottle, Wat up, wat up,
 I'm tryna trick this bottle, Wat up, wat up
 I am tryna stack my bottle




[Verse-3] : (Akshay Kumar)
 Singhe surmaie, rakhde ne aan,
 Agar lorh payi te dedenge jaan,
 Raaje maharaje vi karde assi maan,
 Rakhde si pagh unchi, Bande si shaan
 Jo singha ne kithiyan kurbaaniyan ne,
 oh duniya te chad gayi nishaniyan ne,
 Duniya de ban gaye singh badshah,
 Par sabto uccha ho Saccha Padshah..





[Verse 4] : (Snoop Dogg)
 Yeah, Im just a king sittin on my throne all alone,
 Can you dig what I'm sayin?
 Bring me some grapes over here babe,
 Singh is king ,
 And Snoop D-O double G is also the king,
 You dig what I mean?
 Diamonds on my fingers,
 Diamonds on my toes,

Yeah, real cool life..
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